2015-08 BBQ

2015 08 02 0232015 08 02 066

On the 2nd of August, we held our first social do (excepting rideouts!!) in Barkham - a BBQ


The weather, especially booked for the event, was exactly as it should be in August, dry and hot - in fact very hot. By the end of the day most of the seats and tables had 'migrated' to a much cooler spot under the large shadow being cast by the garage!

With a few bits of fun such as the obligatory raffle and 'guess the coins in the jar', we managed to raise a good sum, which all went as a contribution to a fund in aid of our chosen beneficary for the event, Levi. 

For those that don't know of him, Levi is a really gutsy 6yr old boy in desperate need of help.

2015 08 02 055

You can read all about him on his facebook page, and on his just giving page.

Levi, came along with his parents and had a great time, feeding his face fit to burst, and mounting every single bike he could find! All three were smiling all day.

In all we had x bikes turn out, and as the saying goes, pictures say it all. This will be a regular event now I guess; first Sunday in August 2016 is next. We hope to see you there!!