2016-09 Chedder Gorge

Hmm, Seems the coordinator Marcus Hilsdon is being a bit lazy with his report or any photos.....

4th September - 1st 9am at Sindlesham then a ride to the 2nd meeting point, Hungerford high street by the town hall, in the cafe.

A4 from Hungerford to Marlborough, A4 to Avebury roundabout, A361 to Devises, Trowbridge, and then Shepton Mallet.
North on the A37 towards Midsomer Norton.
Turn left onto the B3135, this is the scenic road that will take us all the way through the Chedder Gorge along the Cliff Road.

This is not the most direct route, but it does avoid the busy town of Chippenham and the very very busy Bath, Trowbridge is the only real traffic we should hit.

A stop then at one of the many cafes at Chedder for some lunch.

The route back depends on who wants to get back at what time, you could jump onto the M5 then M4 (quickest). Or drop down the A37 to the A303 then blatt back to Basingstoke via Andover. ( nice quickish run) Or go back the way we come... Im sure all the way routes will be used by someone.